Follow the job

Here we aim to show you the progress of our work day by day during our working year – similar to a Diary.

Obviously this will depend on our project at the time which can vary greatly from a small pathway taking just one day to a complete garden landscape which can take weeks.

We hope you will find it informative, please click on any image to enlarge:-

Project of the Week

Day 2

To install the stone sub base and compact using a compactor plate and to install the KS edgings.  The grit sand has been delivered in preparation for laying the blocks.

Day 3

To screed out the grit sand and lay the blocks onto the prepared bed in a herringbone design.  The outer bricks are cut neatly to fit.

Day 4

The remainder of the drive is laid, kiln dried sand is compacted into the joints, and the drive is completed.