Beautiful New Patio and Bird Feeding Area Created in Wilmslow Garden

Paul and the team at Paul Gibbons Landscaping recently completed a project in Wilmslow. Our clients wanted to enhance their back garden and create a new area for seating with a patio. With so many materials to choose from these days, you can tailor your patio to reflect your lifestyle and personal taste. From porcelain, natural stone or concrete paving, there is something to suit everyone!

Our clients decided to have Indian stone in raj green for the patio which creates a unique and natural finish. Being a natural material, each slab is different to the next, from its colour to the veining in it, making every patio that uses Indian stone unique to you. The patio was built to incorporate existing boarders. We also installed new walled raised planting beds using natural stone blocks from a UK source. Raised flower beds combined with a patio is a clever way to add interest and colour. The Indian stone and the natural stone perfectly complemented one another.

In addition, as our clients love feeding the birds, an area specifically for this was made where the bird feeder could be placed without the seed falling on the lawn meaning no more weeds growing on the grass!

You can see the stunning results from the photographs included.

If you are thinking of have a new patio or want to change the layout and look of your garden, give Paul Gibbons Landscapes Ltd a ring on 01625 616281 or 07778 557159.